Virgin Galactic – a New Era of Space Exploration for YOU… our future astronaut!

Our astronauts will spend 3 days of training at or near New Mexico Spaceport before embarking on their sub-orbital flight. You will fly in SpaceShip Two (SS2) and will be carried by a revolutionary mothership called WhiteKnightTwo. She will take 40-minute climb to a height of around 50,000 feet where SS2 will be released before firing her rockets, within 12-seconds travelling supersonic and accelerating in a vertical climb, within 30 seconds reaching a speed of 3.3 mach. Shortly afterward SS2 rockets engines switched off to instant silence and allow you to leave your seats for around 4 minutes to enjoy weightlessness. SS2 continue to climb to a total altitude of 110 km or 360,888 feet where you will enjoy some of the most spectacular views and sensations ever experienced by humankind, the wings of the spacecraft will feather to allow a safe re-entry. After re-entry the wings will re-configure to allow a gentle 45 minutes glide back to the spaceport. The whole journey is about 2 hours. On your return to terra firma you will be given your Virgin Galactic Astronaut wings!
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